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Do I Need a Divorce Lawyer in Maine?

Divorce decree.
Lipman & Katz attorneys can assist you through the divorce process.

Almost anyone who has gone through a divorce, or is considering a divorce, will agree that the process can be stressful and the experience can be one of the most difficult times in a person’s life. Having a divorce attorney guide and assist you through the process can be extremely helpful.

Maine is a “no fault” divorce state. This means that a person does not have to prove fault in order to obtain a divorce — usually the grounds for divorce are “irreconcilable differences.” However, there are requirements, mostly regarding residency, that must be met in order to obtain a divorce in the State of Maine which are set forth in M.R.S.A. 19-A § 901

There are certain circumstances in which it is advisable to consult a divorce attorney. You should probably hire a lawyer if your divorce will be complicated by any of the following:

What Will a Divorce Attorney Do For Me?

Your attorney will be familiar with the divorce laws and procedures in the State of Maine, and will know when to file motions. A lawyer will also use the full weight of their experience in negotiating complex. An attorney can also make sure that your divorce settlement addresses every pertinent issue such as future college expenses, possible tax issues, retirement assets, name change, etc.

In a divorce, the Court will need to address many other issues in addition to those mentioned above, including how to divide or allocate debts; divide personal property; address how the pensions are to be divided or set aside;  and determine which party is responsible for legal fees incurred, if any.

When there is real estate involved, a determination should be made as to which party will retain ownership of it, who will be responsible for any debt associated with it, whether it will be refinanced, and whether the other party will be receiving a sum of money to be “bought out” from his or her interest in the real estate or other property settlement. If there are pensions, determining which party is awarded which pension and/or how each pension will be divided is also an issue. There are many important details to be considered when there are pensions or real estate involved, including whether a former spouse may continue to receive his/her share of the pension if the retired spouse predeceases him/her after retirement.

How do I Select an Attorney?

First, since there are many important details that need to be determined in a divorce, it's important to obtain legal advice from an attorney with experience in handling divorces. Do you have property holdings or investments? You may want to make sure that your attorney also has the knowledge and experience to deal with what might be complex tax and financial issues.

If possible, sit down and discuss your case with prospective attorneys face to face. Will you feel comfortable working with this person for what may be an extended period of time? Ask friends and associates what they know about prospective attorneys or if they have direct experience working with the attorney or law firm. Will you feel confident that they are committed to your case?  You need to be able to trust that your attorney is advising you based on what is in your best interest.

Some questions you may want to ask potential attorneys include

  • How many similar divorces did they handle last year? handling divorce cases?
  • What has their client satisfaction rate been?
  • Do they advocate mediation?

Why You Should Contact Lipman & Katz About Your Divorce

At Lipman & Katz, it is of the utmost importance to us that our clients are fairly treated, and justly compensated.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in the family law arena to help you through this difficult and stressful time. We will also assist you throughout the process by providing information and consultation so you can make the best decisions.

If you are considering a divorce, contact us online using the form to the right or call us today at 1-800-660-3713 to discuss your legal options.