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Articles by our Attorneys

Reintroducing the Lipman & Katz Business and Real Estate Group

When people across Maine first think of Lipman & Katz, trial work and litigation excellence often tend to come to mind, or for some, maybe the outstanding political reputation of the firm’s near-full-time lawyer and full-time public policy servant, State Senator Roger Katz. Seven of the firm’s nine lawyers hold the highest and Martindale-Hubbell pre-eminent rating from colleagues and clients. Five are also rated by another rating service as among the Best Lawyers in America in their fields.

Maine Home Construction Contracts Act


By Karen E. Boston

Did you know that any home construction contract for more than $3,000 in materials or labor must be in writing and signed by both the home construction contractor and the homeowner or lessee? This is just one of the many protections included in Maine’s home construction contract statute. This statute provides that home construction contracts must contain at least certain minimum provisions, a few of which include:

Jury Selection

by Stephen C. Smith

Picking a jury in Maine is both art and science. The mechanics of jury selection are actually quite simple. A pool of Maine jurors selected from the county is brought to the court on jury selection day. The size of the jury selection pool varies widely from roughly 80 to 120 people. Larger or smaller jury pools can be selected based on the needs of the court.

Post-divorce and Post-parental Rights Judgment Motions to Modify

By Karen E. Boston, Esq.

Often following a divorce or judgment of parental rights and responsibilities, whether through just the passage of time or events, the circumstances of the parties and child(ren) change. In such situations, either party may file a Motion to Modify the Divorce Judgment or a Judgment of Parental Rights and Responsibilities with respect to parental rights and responsibilities, primary residence, parent-child contact and/or child support.

Personal injury cases often involve complex issues

By Karen E. Boston, Esq.

When a person is seriously injured, the process of resolving any legal matters related to the injury can be time consuming. In many instances, it can be months or years before a person makes a full recovery. Unfortunately, sometimes such injuries can result in death. In either case, early legal advice and representation can be helpful and often necessary. It is often not clear as to who was at fault for such injuries.

Accused of Possessing Child Pornography?

By Stephen C. Smith

Beginning in 2013, the three major internet search engines Google, Bing and Yahoo introduced a warning “pop up” which appears on the screen if a user searches for common search terms associated with child pornography (i.e., Lolita, pre-teen girls, young boys etc.). 

These warnings are not also automatically sent to the FBI as is sometimes thought. There are several well-known scams which can trap people receiving such warnings into sending personal information. Never do so!

The Maine Parentage Act (MPA) now in effect

By Karen E. Boston, Esq.

The Maine Parentage Act became effective July 1, 2016. Senator Roger Katz was one of the co-sponsors of this law which was intended to update Maine’s family law to be consistent with today’s parenting. The Maine Parentage Act can be found in Chapter 61 of Title 19-A, M.R.S.A. §1831 through §1938. Here are some important things to know about the Maine Parentage Act.

Top 5 Things Gun Owners in Maine Should Know

1.  In Maine, there is no requirement to license or otherwise register any firearm which is also not required to be registered or licensed federally.

2.  People convicted of a crime punishable by one year or more in prison – whether or not a year was actually served – are prohibited from owning a firearm. In addition, the following persons are also prohibited:

What to do After an Automobile Accident

By Stephen C. Smith, Esq.

Mainers are a hearty breed. When we get in a minor fender bender or even a more serious but seemingly minor accident, we tend to tough it out. A bruise here or a sore shoulder there will recover and life will go on. While such an attitude is admirable, and by no means should every minor bump or bruise turn into a legal issue, you should not make the mistake of ignoring a potentially serious matter. 

How to Choose the Structure for Your Business

By Christopher Wright

Whether you have already built your own profitable business or you are just starting to put into motion a great idea for a new one, the proper business structure can help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls and assist you down the path of success. Which business structure is right for you? Sole proprietorship, partnership, limited liability company, S corporation, or C corporation? Unfortunately, the answer may be rather elusive.