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The amount of time you have to file a case may be limited by a statute of limitations. Contact us about your case today!

Why Lipman & Katz

We are highly-skilled, creative, approachable, and aggressive when we need to be. Most importantly, we are successful.

The Lipman & Katz motto is “service.” In order to meet the goals and objectives of our clients, we need to have highly trained, extremely competent counsel who are prepared to work long hours. It is a policy and practice at Lipman & Katz that phone calls from clients are returned on a daily basis. It is not unusual for someone who is a client to receive a phone call on Sunday morning from the attorney who has been out of town.

If you do not communicate with your client, you cannot work as a team. Lipman & Katz works as a team with our clients so that we can achieve the best result. It is always an objective of our attorneys to look at the big picture, find out what the client really wants, and then work together with the client to meet that objective.

Every initial meeting discusses the client’s objectives, whether those objectives are realistic, and the likelihood of success. At the first meeting, the client is also entitled to and can discuss fees and time commitment. Clients of Lipman & Katz receive a copy of everything the attorney does in the case unless the client has requested otherwise.

Our representation is done with a team approach with many cases having more than one attorney—many times there will be a lead attorney and a paralegal working together with the client to bring the case to a successful conclusion.

Lipman & Katz has eight attorneys and a large staff to provide the expertise and strength that a client needs in a complicated or complex endeavor. We don’t let other firms “paper us to death.”

Connected to the community

Karen Boston & Son volunteeringOur attorneys and staff are proud to be from Augusta and the surrounding towns. We value the relationships we have built with local nonprofits and organizations across the central Maine community. 

Whether it is serving on the board of the Discovery Children's Museum, participating in a 5K fundraiser or supporting the local softball and Little League programs, we love helping our clients and our community. Lipman & Katz supports local fundraisers