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Lipman & Katz Hosts Food Drive for Augusta Food Bank

AUGUSTA, Maine – Following one of the most powerful wind storms in Maine’s history earlier this fall, on November 17, Lipman & Katz joined with the staff from the Finance Authority of Maine (FAME), Voya Financial and Manpower for a local food drive to support the Augusta Food Bank. In total, more than 100 non-perishable food items were donated to the Augusta Food Bank.

Lipman & Katz and Finance Authority of Maine food drive“The impact of the storm rippled across the state and we noticed the community of Kennebec County was hit particularly hard. This food drive at our office in Augusta was something we really wanted to do to make an important contribution to the food bank to replenish their shelves and help the people that need it most,” said Karen Boston, president and attorney at Lipman & Katz.

Lipman & Katz, the Finance Authority of Maine, Voya Financial and Manpower are located in the same building at 5 Community Drive in Augusta. The food drive was led by Kris Barron, legal assistant at Lipman & Katz who helped the staff at the law firm organize the food drive after hearing about the thousands of people that were impacted by power outages and the need for food during the storm. Locally, the Augusta Food Bank was helpful to many people during the storm, including providing support for people who had food that went bad and was originally purchased with food stamps. 

Lipman & Katz attorneys Evan Fischer, Les Wilkinson, and Steve Smith with food drive donations“People certainly relied on us during the storm, especially those who lost food when the power went out and had food in the refrigerator that went bad. We see a lot of food drives during the holidays, so to have a food drive outside of the typical holiday season is really helpful for us to be able to stay well-stocked and get donations throughout the year. We are very grateful for the donation and love it when any one donates, no matter what time of the year it is!” said Susan Williams, pantry manager of the Augusta Food Bank.

The Augusta Food Bank welcomes eligible residents of Augusta and Manchester and provides them with groceries to help bridge the gap between their current circumstance and adequate nutrition.