Botched gastric bypass results in $1 million settlement | Lipman & Katz

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Botched gastric bypass results in $1 million settlement

Attorneys Karen Boston and Sumner Lipman of Lipman & Katz have successfully represented a Maine woman who suffered from a botched gastric bypass surgery. During the operation, the surgeon twisted the woman’s small intestine and stapled it in a compromised position causing severe complications and injury to the woman. As a result, she was forced to have a significant amount of her intestine removed, as well as a series of other related surgeries to repair the damage. 

After six years of litigation, which included numerous depositions, the injured woman was finally compensated with a $1 million settlement. “It was a long hard battle but my lawyers at Lipman & Katz never gave up. The settlement has allowed me to live a new life,” she said. 

“This case presented many challenges but we stuck with it. We sought out the best medical experts to work with us and finally, with less than a month to trial, we were able to get the insurance company to settle for $1 million,” said Boston. 

Lipman & Katz has successfully represented injured victims of medical malpractice for more than 30 years. Boston and Lipman both specialize in medical negligence claims and take care to carefully screen each case that is presented to them and bring them to a successful result. 

Note: With medical negligence the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S., according to a recent article in The Journal of the American Medical Association, if you have symptoms or suspect a surgical error has been made, due to the complexity of these types of cases it’s important to contact a qualified attorney to gauge the merits of a claim.