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Reintroducing the Lipman & Katz Business and Real Estate Group

When people across Maine first think of Lipman & Katz, trial work and litigation excellence often tend to come to mind, or for some, maybe the outstanding political reputation of the firm’s near-full-time lawyer and full-time public policy servant, State Senator Roger Katz. Seven of the firm’s nine lawyers hold the highest and Martindale-Hubbell pre-eminent rating from colleagues and clients. Five are also rated by another rating service as among the Best Lawyers in America in their fields. I joined the firm a little more than a year ago to enhance the commercial practice, which increased our totals in the commercial practice areas or real estate and corporate law to one. I’ve watched, listened, learned and contributed to the culture of the firm this past year. I am excited about the future of my primary practice areas at this trial lawyer firm and helping to continue to diversify and grow both the firm and my practice areas. 

Let us introduce you to the primary business and real estate team; Christopher, Michelle, Jayne and Les.  

Les Wilkinson, Lipman & Katz attorney

Les is the leader of this group and chairman of the board of the firm; he has unlimited real estate experience earned from thirty-six  years in private practice, including working on some of the largest commercial transactions in the history of the State of Maine and is a trusted advisor to some of Maine’s top 100 companies and very successful business people and families. Les works on matters for publicly traded companies, and family-owned businesses and start-up companies. If Les doesn’t know the answer, he knows where to find it; he’s wise, persistent, a safe port in any storm, intensely loyal and principled, candid and a creative deal maker, and he’s committed to central Maine.


Jayne, Lipman & KatzJayne is a team player. Clients love her (and her billing rate) as a paralegal; she’s professional, responsive, intelligent, experienced and fun. Jayne’s skills allow the firm to do a wide band-width of real estate, corporate and other work at exceptionally affordable rates, with mild oversight, and she helps manage complex work exceptionally well to deliver great value. 



Michelle, Lipman & KatzMichelle has twenty-six years of experience at the firm and with its clients. She’s done a great job taking care of Lipman & Katz’s corporate and LLC clients for the past thirteen  years. Michelle is friendly, dependable and trustworthy; she works independently and will get the job done well and on time. 



Christopher Wright, Lipman & Katz attorneyChristopher is bright and resourceful, and a young, talented hard-working lawyer. He’s a Dartmouth grad, fearless, business savvy with terrific legal skills and top flight non-legal experience as an option trader in the pits on Wall Street. Chris asks all the right questions and is an extraordinary value. According to Les, he will be known as the best commercial lawyer in central Maine in five years and he’s committed to this law firm.


Lipman & Katz’s commercial/real estate team is experienced, talented and committed to working with you on your business or real estate needs, from the most complex matters to the basics, and the firm and the appropriate member of our team is always affordable. 

We know real estate and commercial law 
Hire Lipman and Katz for your real estate or business needs. We are not just a trial lawyer firm any more. We understand business and real estate owners. Our reach and access is statewide and in many cases, nationwide. 

We live in complex times with rapidly emerging technologies. Changes in the law and credit markets happen fast. Nobody knows the entire future with certainty. By way of example, one stock subscription service recommends a stock “melt up,” encouraging investors to buy now or miss a compelling rise in the value of publicly traded businesses. Another service warns the end of the financial world is soon coming and 2008 was just a warning shot. We have no opinion on either point and make no recommendation. Opinions on the state and local economy vary, as well. Some things, however, are always true. 

We are your trusted source
There is no substitute for a trusted lawyer on your team. The real estate and small business group at Lipman & Katz is built right now to provide seasoned and extensive expertise to sophisticated consumers of legal services for good or tough times. Our group, importantly, is also built to deliver value to the next generation of successful entrepreneurs, and investors, buyers and sellers, and lenders. And to our current clients, thank you! 

Wishing you the rewards of hard work and risk, in good times and bad, we’ll be right here ready to help.